Palais Faraj is an extraordinary luxury hotel in Fes, Morocco, decorated in the somptuous, authentic style of a 19-th-century Moroccan palace.

With its elegant, timeless design and warm, attentive hospitality, Palais Faraj is an oasis of refinement in the heart of Fes.

Born in 2012 in the minds of their owners Evelyne and Driss Faceh, the Palais Faraj expresses the desire to enter the history, culture and beauty of the most fascinating of the Imperial Cities of Morocco.

Luxury hotel experience in Morocco

A remarkable exemple of restoration

The Bensouda Palace (which today has become the Faraj Palace/ Palais Faraj) was built by Si Mohamed Bensouda, leader of a large family of the Fassi bourgeoisie.

Lifestyle & Oriental Elegance

An emblem of what a luxury hotel can be

Perched on a hill on the edge of the medina, faithful to the beauty of classical Fez architecture, Palais Faraj offers to lingering hedonists a palette of luxury suites, true exhibit of Moroccan crafts.

Witnessing the finest arts and traditions from Fès would not be a perfect luxury experience if not coming with the coziest comfort and modern technology.

All our Suites

At peace from the buzz of the city

Palais Faraj offers hedonists a range of 31 luxury suites, with, for some of them, the most beautiful view of the Medina of Fez.

Their graphic lines, the space, the real pieces of art or the countless decorative details give them a chic and unique character.

Witnessing the finest arts and traditions of Fez would not be the perfect experience without complete comfort and contemporary technology.

Classic Riad Suite

Spacious with an authentic Moroccan character - from 2.230 MAD

Junior Suite

Larger bedroom with addiitonal sitting lounge - from 2.975 MAD

DeLuxe Suite

For guests wishing to relax and spend time - from 4.245 MAD

Ambassadeur Suite

Living in excellency - from 6.070 MAD

Family Suite

Ideal for hedonist travelling families - from 6.950 MAD

Grand Ambassadeur Suite

A place to linger longer, to let yourself be pampered - from 7.045 MAD

Grand Vizir Suite

The truly lordly style of living - from 8.390 MAD

Royale Suite

The splendor of old time palaces - from 20.350 MAD

Our Restaurants & Bars

Inspiring Location – Sublime Food

Considered Moroccan gastronomy of excellence, the traditional cuisine of Fez is a real rich blend of Arab, Jewish, Berber and French culinary influences, present in the proposals of the Palais Faraj.

Aware of this heritage, our Restaurant L’AMANDIER & ROOF TOP GARDEN offer refined cuisine, combining Moroccan and Mediterranean flavors, when the GOLDEN BAR or THE GRAND PATIO & POOL TEA ROOM wait for you, in front of atonishing points of view of the Medina, or listening to birds near to our Swimming pool

The best place to relax

Palais Faraj, experiment the sublime of a luxury stay

Diving into our swimming pool, or making some fitness exercices in our new Sports room ?

Then  enjoy a genuine traditional Moroccan experience, the Hammam, with steam bath and soothing massages, for a journey uncovering oriental beauty and spirit.

Choose your own experience

Our “Petit Journal”
to enjoy every second of your stay

Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, specific information on traditional Moroccan life, or an outing with friends in Fes and the surrounding area, our “Petit Journal” will help you deepen your stay: Palais Faraj is always keen to offer you an unrivalled experience.

Palais Faraj

Fès, Morocco

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