Larger bedroom with additional sitting lounge

More spacious than the Classic Riad Suites, the Junior Suites offer refined comfort combining traditional architecture and elegant decoration.

And the Atlas cedar wood ceilings are painted by master craftsmen from Fez.


Do not hesitate to choose the atmosphere of your stay on all of our accommodation proposals.

DeLuxe Suite

For guests wishing to relax and spend time - from 4.245 MAD

Ambassadeur Suite

Living in excellency - from 6.070 MAD

Family Suite

Ideal for hedonist travelling families - from 6.950 MAD

Grand Ambassadeur Suite

A place to linger longer, to let yourself be pampered - from 7.045 MAD

Grand Vizir Suite

The truly lordly style of living - from 8.390 MAD

Royale Suite

The splendor of old time palaces - from 20.350 MAD

admin_palaisfarajJunior Suite of the Palais Faraj