AMESIP has several reception centers in Morocco, where it takes care of more than 1,300 children who were in a precarious situation, to whom the centers provide what they lack most :

• Non-formal education (Arabic, French, IT, education, civics, religious, artistic, leisure, sport.) for those who have not been able to have a normal school curriculum.
• Upgrading for one or two years for those who still have the possibility of joining the schools of the Ministry of National Education (after tests in agreement with the MEN).
• Basic services: meals, clothing, hygiene and care, school supplies and follow-up, housing if necessary, professional pre-training then training when they reach the required age.
• Support classes for children returning to school or children from poor families in the neighborhoods where the centers are located.
• The restructuring of missing family ties or the strengthening of these. The centers help solve any social or administrative problems.
The central objective is to reconcile young people in parity with their capacity to act in and for society, which will recognize them by the human and social usefulness that they can once again recover.

The KAN YA MAKAN … RHEDA Center in Fez offers young people from precarious backgrounds a platform for professional training recognized by the state in multiple professions of the future: qualifying training in the field of live performance (circus, dance, theatre, scenography), in the visual arts (photography, video production) and in the technical aspects of their distribution (desktop publishing, development of web products).

Language training to promote cultural openness and professional communication (Arabic, French, English…) and ‘last not least’ real training in the Catering and Cooking profession.

Since 2021, the PALAIS FARAJ has been a partner of the KAN YA MAKAN … RHEDA Center and welcomes 6 young budding cooks for well-supervised and paid internships, on a work-study basis and year-round.

It is a real give and take affair: the students of the Center are particularly motivated, open and curious, no doubt thanks to the many inspirations offered to them by the qualified training and participation in the eclectic cultural life of the Center.

At Palais Faraj, trainees experience immersion in corporate life, learning the techniques, requirements and excellence of working in a kitchen of a small luxury hotel. During a recruitment opportunity, they are naturally considered first – like Si Said, the very first AMESIP intern to arrive at Palais Faraj, who is now a valued employee at Palais Faraj.

For PALAIS FARAJ managers, local social commitment is important, for example the many cultural events, organized with local partners and artists, to mix the life of the hotel with that of the city;
the objective of the integration into the PALAIS FARAJ of young trainees from AMESIP, but also from other Training Centers (ISTH, ISTA, OFPPT), is to offer them experience and professional orientation, to contribute to the genesis of a new generation of passionate restaurateurs and hoteliers.

Ecologic commitments

100% organic care products locally produced at ESSENCIA SPA by PALAIS FARAJ since 2018
Filtration of the water of the Big Blue Pool by salt electrolysis since 2022
Partial production of electric current by photovoltaic power plant since 2022
Partial production of domestic hot water by solar panels since 2012
Installation of a digital monitoring system for energy (electricity, gas) and drinking water in 2023
Actively encouraging customers to participate in saving water and chemicals (laundry) since 2012
2023 annual action plan focusing on the reduction of plastics (in particular packaging, utensils)

HACCP certification in progress for the year 2023

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