Flamenco show by Alexia Theodorou in Palais Faraj

On a sweet May evening, dancer Alexia Theodorou lit up the rooftop terrace of the restaurant L’Amandier with an unforgettable flamenco performance. Here’s a look back at the spellbinding performance of this artist, who was on tour in Morocco at the time.

Alexia Theodorou chose the Palais Faraj as the venue for a stopover in Fez during her Moroccan tour, much to the delight of the restaurant L’Amandier guests, who enjoyed a two-part show featuring a guitarist with a passion for Arabo-Andalusian music, originally from Fez.

Born in Greece, Alexia studied political science at the Aristotle University of Thessalonica, but it’s her love of dance that now occupies her entire time.

Tango and flamenco, her two passions, have taken her to Buenos Aires and Seville, but also to Paris, Havana, New York… where she has studied and performed with renowned masters.

admin_palaisfarajFlamenco show by Alexia Theodorou in Palais Faraj