March, 8th

International Women’s Day

In the Palais Faraj

An exceptional day with many benefits at Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Time, and Spa

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May, 20th

Concert “La Chorale of Fez”

In the Grand Patio of the Palais Faraj

Saturday, at 6 p.m., free admission subject to availability of places

May, 12th

“When Knowledge & Heritage combine in the feminine”, Heritage Days

Projection DOCU Women, know-how and manners of yesteryear, followed by a conference-debate:
“Casa Mémoire” by Mrs. Rabea RIDAOUI / President Ass. Casa Mémoire
“From Bukhara to Fez”, by Pr. Clara SANDRINI & Prof. Christel PALANT / School of Architecture Paris Val de Seine
“Modern Cities-Heritage City Relationships”, by Pr. Patrizia INGALLINA / La Sorbonne University

April, 12th


In association with INSTITUTO CERVANTES of Fez
Un viaje entre el passado, el futuro y el presente
Exceptional musical performance during an unusual Ramadan night, under the influence of rich and closely linked cultures: Sufi, Andalusian, Arab and Sephardic…

March, 18th – June, 18th

Siham Tahri exhibition “Water is life”

Fascinating ‘aquatic paintings’ – bewitching works of art that encourage the escape of our mind, dreams and encounter with the imagination.
The well-known painter in Fez and throughout the kingdom invites us for a meditative break in the beautiful salons of the Palais Faraj.

February, 23th

“Vibrations” concert with guitarist Hafid Kamal

In partnership with the FRENCH INSTITUTE of Fez
Intimate concert by a great virtuoso, born in Fez, who became a soloist in major European ensembles. The music room of the Palais Faraj welcomed an audience of enthusiastic amateurs.

Nov, 13th

Acrobatics show offered by the students of the National Circus School SHEMZ’Y

In partnership with the KAN YA MAKAN RDDA Center & the OLIVE AU CŒUR 2022 Festival
It vibrates in the Grand Patio of the Palais Faraj, in front of an audience of more than 100 people, daring, virtuoso and joyful numbers offered by 15 young acrobats breathing the joy of living

Nov, 3, 2022
Jan, 8th, 2023

Catherine Biehn exhibition
“Essential natures : The iris flower – the iris flower of the eye”

Exquisite oil paintings inviting a sensual plunge into an ultra-sensitive universe of colors and shapes. Very inspired works, made by a self-taught artist, living in the heart of the Medina of Fez.

Oct, 24th

Concert of Hindustani music from northern India

by sitar Master Ustad Shakir Khan and his orchestra Unforgettable magic in the Grand Patio of the Palais Faraj
In partnership with the Festival of Sufi Cultures 2022.

July, 29 – Oct, 30th

Exhibition Hicham Maidi – Visual artist in Fez

“Traditional beliefs and proverbs, translated into unusual works of art”
The exhibition in the Salons of the Palais Faraj offers passing visitors a unique and very playful cultural immersion in the culture and ancestral customs of Fez.

July, 3th

Return of LA CHORALE DE FES to the Grand Patio of the Faraj Palace

The young choristers of the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Fez offer a joyful concert of gospel, religious songs, blues and contemporary pop

June, 8th

Reading Najem Wali “Souad und das Militär”

In collaboration with GOETHE INSTITUTE of Rabat
Unusual reading in front of a young public from Fez, in Arabic and German
Touching moment of a surprising cultural encounter in the Palais Faraj library

March, 23 – May, 31

Exhibition “Young Artists in Fez”

Paintings and sculptures by 20 young artists from all over Morocco, all students in Fez.
Assembled in the salons of the Palais Faraj, these works testify to the creativity, avant-gardism, audacity and indomitable joie de vivre of a youth inspiring hope and courage…

March, 18th


In association with INSTITUTO CERVANTES of Fez
The famous Spanish musical ensemble offers a very special concert : LA GELOSIA – works inspired by Renaissance and Baroque humanism.
An extraordinary afternoon in the Grand Patio of the Palais Faraj, with Carles Magraner, viola da gamba & Robert Cases, guitar

Nov, 12th – Dec, 31th

photo exhibition by Omar Chenafi & Alice Dufour-Feronce

In partnership with the 1st OLIVE AU CŒUR Festival
Exhibition of photos testifying to the cultivation and exploitation, the magic of an emblematic commodity to discover in the salons of the Palais Faraj until the end of 2020

November, 20th

Concert offered by LA CHORALE DE FES

25 young choristers from the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Fez offer a spiritual break with songs from Baroque to Modern, “joie de vivre” at the Grand Patio of the Palais Faraj.

since September

Lalla Zakia El Youbie : traditional Moroccan storytelling

Every Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at the Palais Faraj library, by a young local lady in her own way – English & Darija
Offered to English-speaking and Arabic-speaking residents and visitors of Palais Faraj
Surprising, exciting, conquering…

June, 4th – September, 5th,

Photo exhibition Sanchez MORENO
“CORDOBA – cultural city”

In association with INSTITUTO CERVANTES of Fez
A town twinned with Fez, La Cordue has an extraordinary Arab-Andalusian heritage, testifying to the proximity between Muslim, Christian and Judaic cultures.

July, 12th

“Music from the Mediterranean”
Concert of the duo MILO KE MANDARINI

In association with INSTITUTO CERVANTES of Fez
Musical journey in Andalusian land from the Middle Ages to the Baroque
A moment of perfect embellishment offered in the Grand Patio of the Palais Faraj

June, 19th

Musical Reading “The 5 allegories of Fez”

Between myth and reality, words and music, this show revives the magic, mystery and history of Fez.
The moment at sunset, in the splendid patio of the Palais Faraj, with Kay d’Astorg, Patty Hannock, Nouredinne Dirar and Youness EL Issmaeli.

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